Working as an educator and counselor in the urban school district of Memphis, Tennessee and as an entertainer has allotted me a grand insight on what makes children "go" in a major way.  Now it has become a life-long quest to reach children where they are and take them to new heights in their personal journeys.  

Our founder



mission & vision

  The mission is to produce results based  Community Team-Building, Camaraderie, School Spirit, Community Pride, and renewed relationships through mentoring and the creation of positive based music.

"If you think education is expensive...


Foundation History

1998 - Marshall enrolled in MTSU Recording Industry Management (RIM) Program and became a truly impactful student leader. Also was 1st Inductee in MTSU Developmental Studies Hall of Fame. 

2004 - Became a Family Specialist, Parent Counselor, and later promoted to Broadcasting Instructor for Memphis City Schools working in the low-income communities.

2010 - Awarded "Teacher Of The Year for MCS
2013 - Marshall Dodson recorded first project for Evengroundz Edutainment "Get Your Skills Up Mixtape" with Douglass High students. That same year The Get Your Skills Up "Know The Pros" was also created to introduce the students to the Business side of the Communications Industry.


Marshall Dodson